Rock n Roll Bride Sneak Peek

Pink dress? Check.
Party bus? Check
Smoke bombs? Check
Black Diamond? Check
Crystal skulls? Check

Have a peek into the fabulous wedding of David and Elissa!




Once all the photos are edited, you’ll be able to view them here.

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Zach + Sara’s Marfa Elopement

When Sara contacted me about her Marfa, TX Elopement, I was thrilled (and that’s the understatement of the year!) I had been dying to go visit Marfa as soon as I discovered it let alone photograph a gorgeous elopement.

The day of the elopement, I drove three hours South to Marfa. I booked my night at El Cosmico where I had also been dying to stay. Luck was on my side, because I landed the Kozy Coach with the hand chair that Beyonce sat in!

As soon as I arrived into town, I headed straight to the pink Marfa Courthouse. I met the Justice of the Peace, Judge David Beebe, that would be marrying the two. He was not what I expected a JOP to be, but was what I expected a Marfa Justice of the Peace to be. We both waited for Zach and Sara to arrive having not met them before. As we waited, Judge Beebe  filled me on the police chief drama and it was starting to sound like an episode of Parks and Rec or VEEP. He was a real chill laid back guy who was musician in a former life.

The courthouse was a gorgeous building with winding staircases. The dark wood bannisters shined when the sunlight hit the glossy finish. The dark green carpet added a regal Victorian flair to the room. From the bottom floor you could see all the way to the top circle cut out on each floor.

When Zach and Sara arrived, I was pretty stunned at how gorgeous they were. Zach was very handsome, with some light stubble on his face and flowing hair that suited him perfectly. He wore a crisp white shirt that had freshly been laundered (thanks to a local dry cleaner that saved the day!) He wore a silver and turquoise bowler tie and white rose boutonniere that Sara had crafted. Sarah was a stunning bride in her white bohemian dress that fit her like a glove. She wore a luscious flower crown and carried a wildflower-esque bouquet that she also made. Her long dark hair fell in loose waves over her shoulders and down her back. She also wore a matching flower arm band that was the cherry on top of her boho bridal look.

We all climbed the stairs to the very top of the courthouse. The room was warm and bright.  We had a 360 view of the downtown square. It was not what I expected for a courthouse wedding.

Judge Beebe chatted with the couple before he performed the ceremony. He asked things like long had they known each other, where they were from and he filled us in on some  Marfa trivia, etc. The Marfa street sweeper was a big topic of conversation because he was loud and kept interrupting the ceremony. We were pretty sure that he had circled the town square more times than necessary!

The ceremony was short and sweet. The two exchanged rings that Sarah had crafted while they waited for their actual set to come in. They sealed the deal with a kiss and were pronounced husband and wife. After the ceremony, the excitement in the room was palpable. I felt like they almost should be jumping up and down for joy. Judge Beebe left to sign the marriage certificate and the three of us took a few shots in the top of the courthouse.

After, we got what we needed we headed downstairs and I had to shoot more photographs in the building because it was that awesome. I photographed the couple running out of the courthouse with their excited faces on (which didn’t really leave the whole day. 🙂 )

We arrived back at their mod hotel, so they could gather up a few items for more pictures later in the day. It looked like hobby lobby had set up shop in their room. Sara had definitely been hard at work making wedding crafts. She did a fabulous job, because all the pictures look like they walked out of a Pinterest board.

Next, we headed to the cowboy church radio tower which is a pretty famous Marfa landmark. Its an old church that has been turned into radio tower that basically just transmits NPR from what I could tell on my travels. We drove to El Cosmico next, where they took a break in the hammock. The three of us headed to my Kozy Koach, but not before making a bee-line to what we all thought was a bar. Alas, it was just a mirage. However, three nice guys shared their cold Dos Equis with us.

We shot a few fun pictures by the teepees. We were followed by this cute little cat the whole time. Oh and the bunny rabbits that were hopping around made El Cosmico seem like a pretty magical place.

Zach and Sara had a small white cake with white chocolate shavings to cut. The topper was two paper hearts combined. Neither Zach nor Sara held back when it came time to feed each other. Cake was flying everywhere and unfortunately the cat didn’t want the scraps.

We ended the day in the nick of time before the sun went down. We found a pasture not far from El Cosmico and hopped the fence. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I photographed the couple as they twirled around the the West Texas field among wild flowers.

A patrol car rolled up beyond the fence. I’m sure it had something to do with us hopping fences on private property. Fortunately, he drove away once we left the field. (This is where I usually say its better to ask forgiveness than permission) I guess the officer must have been in a good mood. #relief

Sara and Zach were a blast to photograph and spend the day with. They looked like models and were high on love which made it super easy to capture many a happy moment. I couldn’t take a bad pictures of them and that made it really hard to narrow down all these gorgeous shots.

Congratulations to Zach and Sara as they start their new life together!






























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Peter + Sacajawea’s Sneak Peek

I’m very excited to share the sneak peeks of this beautiful El Paso wedding. Peter and Sacajawea are currently living the dream on their honeymoon to Bora Bora! (Totally jealous). So, I’ll start this post out with a couple of palm trees, so we can all just imagine were laying on the sand looking at this view.



I don’t want to give away too much now, but once I’m done editing, you can find the whole wedding here.