Ashley + John Wade | River Mill Event Center | Columbus, GA

Ashley and John Wade Ginn shared a fabulous wedding celebration at the one and only River Mill Event Center in Columbus, GA.

This whole celebration was laid back and The Ginn’s just wanted to have a good time and I think they nailed it! Ashley had two dresses for her celebration. The one she wore to her actual wedding in Las Vegas and her awesome comfy hi-lo party dress that she danced the night away in. This bride was stunning in both dresses.

Ashley’s beautiful sister and mother helped the bride get laced up into her formal dress and placed her veil perfectly.

The huge industrial style windows at the River Mill are always the perfect backdrop with the gorgeous light that they provide. I’m a such a huge fan of the old historic look and love when I can mix the old and new elements in one photo.

John Wade and Ashley met me in the garden for their portraits under the setting sun and the ethereal spanish moss that hangs from the trees in the River Mill Garden. They laughed and danced while I photographed. They both were totally chill and ready to party. Ashley’s gorgeous jewel toned bouquet was created by the talented B. Anderson Florals who never seems to disappoint us with her talents.

The whole family joined us in the garden for portraits and the beauty queen grandmother’s showed us all how to pose to create those flattering curves!

The time had come to get the party started. The ballroom was beautifully decorated with string lights over head and flowing white fabric. B. Anderson floral designs were on every table. She chose some really beautiful evergreen foilage paired with deep magenta toned flowers. The tables had some awesome brass candelabras and vases that lended a cool antique vintage vibe.

The Carson Hand Band totally killed it with their music and had the whole guest list on the dance floor.

The newly-weds shared an anniversary dance with all the couples in attendance and were left dancing with longest married couple in the room, John Wades’ Grandparents, with over 60+ years of marriage! How amazing is that?! Something to be celebrated for sure!

Guest mingled and snacked on the delicious food that was prepared by Jamie Keating. It all looked amazing! Oh and they had a deconstructed smore’s bar! #dead

I totally loved photographing this celebration of marriage and loved seeing tons of familiar faces. It was definitely a Harris County reunion!

Here’s to The Ginn’s! Wishing you guys many many happy years!












The Fab Vendors:

Venue: River Mill Event Center
Florals: B. Anderson Florals
Band: Carson Hand

Chad + Lindsay | Oakhurst Farms | West Point, GA

Chad and Lindsay shared a wonderful wedding at the gorgeous Oakhurst Farms in West Point, GA. The venue is surrounded by rolling green hills dotted with cows that meander the property. There are flowing willow trees on the edges of the pond and yellow sunflower fields. The venue is privately secluded in the Georgia country side.

I found the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready upstairs in the bridal suite. The bride’s dress, shoes and jewelry sparkled. Downstairs the reception room at Oakhurst was decorated with gorgeous fall flowers and crystal vases on the round tables waiting for guests to arrive.

The groom and his groomsmen were found watching football as they put their suits on. They may or may not have been prepping with some Crown apple shots. I was instructed not to tell the bride. So, Lindsay, the guys were totally sober pre-wedding. 😉

Lindsay’s mother and bridesmaids helped her get into her stunning Winnie Coutour dress. It fit her like a glove. (but not like an OJ glove!) The bride looked perfect. The couple’s son, Brantley, ran into the room and greeted his mom with a big hug after Chad had helped get his little suit on! (a regular suit, not his Iron man suit unfortunately) Swoon!

The bride and groom opted to share a first look before the ceremony to get the nerves out and relax the rest of the day. So, after the group photos Lindsay made her way out to see Chad for the first time on their wedding day. They were both so eager to see one another. I loved seeing their excitement. Chad walked up behind Lindsay and tapped her on the shoulder and as she slowly turned around their reactions were priceless.

Even more priceless, was watching them read their letters to one another. I was crying!

After most of the initial butterflies had flown away. It was time for the ceremony to get underway. Chad and Brantley waited at the altar as Lindsay’s father escorted her down the stone aisle as their loved ones looked on.

They shared a lovely ceremony as their favorite people stood beside them and sat before them. They were pronounced husband and wife and shared that sweet first kiss. The couple cheered and practically skipped back down the aisle.

The DJ and the Chris Collins band were setting the mood as the guests arrived into the reception. The wedding party and the newlyweds waited upstairs to be announced into the party. The guests cheered and clapped as Lindsay and Chad made their way down the staircase and into their first dance.

After a delicious dinner was served the bride danced with her father and then Lindsay, Chad and their son Brantley shared a sweet and tearful family dance together.

The bride’s cousin gave a beautiful toast and made mention of their late aunt who clearly was missed by a lot of people on that special day.

Lindsay and Chad cut the cake and sweetly fed each the cake. Smart man! When it came time to toss the bouquet and garter the singles gathered round and were ready to pounce! One of the groomsmen made a valiant slide effort to make his catch.

At this point the bride had already changed into her party dress that showed off her ahhh-mazing legs! And fun story about this party dress…it was borrowed from one of my previous brides, Amanda Cooper! The strapless dress with fluffy white feathers for a skirt is the ideal wedding party dress and I love that it had a previous story. Amanda danced the night away in it and so did Lindsay. One more borrow and it could become the Sisterhood of the traveling Party Dress!

It was time to party! The Chris Collins Band got the party started and everyone was on their feet dancing. The DJ had all the ladies doing the Wobble and having a blast.

Once the party was winding down the couple made their final exit through their guests holding the dazzling sparklers.

The Edenfields had a gorgeous wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this special day! Wishing these two the best of what life has to offer them in their new chapter!





























The fabulous vendors:
Venue: Oakhurst Farms
Event Coordinator: Kristin Gallatin (
Hair and Make up: Robyn Cook at Jean Eve Salon
Dress: Winnie Coutour
Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse 
Cake: Sue Anne Rathel
Florist: Denhams Florist
Band: Chris Collins’s band
Minister- Frank Macon 
Videographer: Brett Wink 7th Wink productions



Vanessa + Andreas | Rancho Santa Maria Polo Club | El Paso, TX

Vanessa and Andreas’ wedding celebration at the Rancho Santa Maria Polo Club was such a fun experience. Vanessa is a Texas girl who was swept off her feet by German named Andreas. They fell in love during a motorcycle road trip and moved all the way to Berlin, Germany.

I was so thrilled to photograph this union. You couldn’t really call it a wedding it was more of a celebration of their union surrounded by the couple’s friends and family in Texas. Vanessa’s mother, Anette, did an amazing job of planning the whole celebration since the bride was in another country!

A couple things stand out in my mind about this day that I’ll never forget. One was having the beautiful Indian motorcycle get stuck in the sand on the banks of the Rio Grande as we were attempting to take the couple’s portraits. Poor Andi, was so done before the pictures even began. But fear not! We had a couple guys from the farm come help push the bike out of the sand and we settled on the dirt road for pictures. It was so El Paso!

We took some gorgeous portraits of these newlyweds. As a photographer, I just love photographing in the desert. The soft pastel colors of the sand and desert plants just translate so beautifully in portraits.

The couple was so effortless together. They balance each other. Vanessa looked elegant in her lace, long sleeve, fitted wedding dress. Her black curls swept up into an effortless up do. Andi was looking handsome in his blue jacket, straight-leg jeans and silver belt buckle. Of course, they both wore boots. Very modern Texan.

We arrived back at the ranch for cocktail hour before the ceremony would get underway. Yellow-orange Margaritas, sat on a table to greet guests as they arrived. Guests mixed and mingled under the patio and the tent as the mariachi band played in to the golden hour.

Before anyone had arrived at the ranch, I was able to watch the Shaman, his wife, grand daughter and friend set up the intricate ceremony setting. Every item had a meaning at the ceremony. From the archway that they walked through to the deerskin that laid at their feet. But don’t ask me these meanings!

As the ceremony began, guests were seated. They didn’t have a wedding party, but the family and friends closest to the couple lined up to make their way through the arch way. Before each person entered the ceremony, they were cleansed by the Shaman. After passing through the archway, they formed a circle around the couple.

Sage burned in the air as the Shaman gave his blessing to the new husband and wife in front of a cute little chapel under a beautiful tree. Their hands were wrapped in special cloths. And before the first kiss, Vanessa and Andi signified their union by drinking wine out of a special vase together, which honestly looked pretty difficult, but somehow, they did it without spilling any!

The party kicked off with the first attempt of lighting the colorful lanterns, but the El Paso wind crashed that party quickly. It actually turned out to be a good thing they held off till later in the evening, because the second thing that I’ll never forget from this day were the hordes and I mean hordes of mosquitos that came out of the ground while guests were trying to light their lanterns. It was something out of a survival show. Fortunately, we all survived. I’m sure this is one part of the day Andi and Vanessa would hope to forget, but it does make a good story!

As the sun faded out, so did the mosquitos. Guests were finally able to enjoy dinner and be entertained by the groom’s fantastic speech of how he and Vanessa met and fell in love.

It was a saga of epic proportions to say the least and the groom had everyone captivated with his tale. Guests laughed at his endeavor of how he would attempt to acquire the bride’s father’s permission to take his daughter out and cried over his tales of how the two bonded over a love of music on the back of a motorcycle.

The party was kicked off with the first dance shared between husband and wife and then the rest of the guests joined in on the fun! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, good dancing is in the water in El Paso. All the guests had an absolute blast dancing and partying the night away.

And we finally got to send off those paper lanterns! The wind finally calmed down, so guests grabbed their lighters and sent off their blessings to the new couple into the night sky.

The last thing I’ll never forget at this wedding was the fire dancers from Odd Lab! YESSSS! These guys were so cool and put on an awesome show for the bride, groom and guests. The four guys each took turns doing different routines with the flaming balls of fire swinging around them! At the end, they further impressed by climbing onto each other shoulders with the fire. It was a wonderful way to end the night. Guests were wowed, I was wowed. It was definitely a wedding celebration I’ll never forget!

Cheers to Vanessa and Andreas!


Now, enjoy these picture from this awesome day!














See the rest of the photos from Vanessa and Andreas’ wedding here.

Michelle (Shelby) + Kory | Grace Gardens | El Paso, TX


Wooo! Sorry for the hiatus, but I’m back on the wedding grind after a boudoir break!

Shelby and Kory’s wedding was a beautiful affair held at the lovely Grace Gardens in El Paso, Texas.  I was so happy to photograph Shelby and Kory’s wedding. We had so much fun at their smoke bomb engagement session that I couldn’t wait for the wedding!

Michelle, or Shelby as her friends call her, was mingled with her friends and was doing some last-minute checking of the blocks for the day when I arrived. Some of the other bridesmaids were already finishing up with hair and make-up. Shelby’s little Yorkie relished all the attention that she could get, which was a lot. 😉 She’s a cutie!

And of course, there were mimosas!

All the ladies primped and prepped for the big day ahead. Evidence of the night before, showed that the ladies had watched a modern-day classic for every bride and her entourage…Bridesmaids! Also personal favorite movie of mine. Who doesn’t love that movie?!

Shelby’s bridesmaids and mother helped her get into her dress and fasten her shoes. As the finishing touches were completed, the ladies piled into the limo that was waiting outside and headed to Grace Gardens.

Kory and his groomsmen had a laid-back morning getting ready and doing guy things.
Beer? Check.
Whiskey? Check.

They helped each other straighten ties, button vests and fasten cufflinks. When they arrived at the wedding venue all the guys, but especially Kory made their grand exits from the limo all looking like celebrities!

When it came time for the ceremony to begin, Kory escorted his mother down the aisle and then took his place at the alter to wait for his bride.

Shelby was escorted by both her mother and father. I saw a wave of emotion flash across Kory’s face in seeing his bride for the first time.

The Officiant did a wonderful job mixing humor and the serious commitment they were making to one another. They tied a cord of three strands to signify their union with each other and with God. The rings were exchanged and as they were pronounced husband and wife, Kory passionately kissed his bride.

After the ceremony, we headed to one of the many pecan orchards in the area to take the couples’ portraits. Fortunately, there was a farmer working, so we asked if we could take some pictures among the rows of symmetrical pecan trees that were full and green. The couple looked so happy during the brief moment away from the crowd of guests. They laughed and joked and enjoyed each other’s company.

We all headed back to Grace Gardens to kick off the reception. The reception tent looked soft and beautiful. Light pink roses were on every table.

I had to sneak Kory and Shelby out to the fields behind the venue for one last photo opp, because the most beautiful sunset was happening. I can’t miss the opportunity for some beautiful sunset photos!

The party kicked off as the wedding party and newlyweds were announced into the reception. Kory and Shelby shared their sweet first dance to That Look by Aaron Watson.

Sidenote: I swear everyone in El Paso is a good dancer. Young and old were on the dance floor having a blast and making my dance skills look laughable! (But my lovely second shoot and I tried anyway!)

‘Spirited’ is the word that I would describe the bouquet and garter toss! Finally! Guests that would get into the fun of this tradition. I feel like single people don’t really jump for that bouquet and garter anymore! I suspect it has a correlation with people getting married later and later these days. What do you think? Fortunately, the singles at this wedding brought their A-game!

The couple’s closest friends and family toasted the couple’s happy union. Guests continued to dance and party up till midnight. When it was time to wrap up the party, guests lined up with glow sticks and Kory and Shelby ran through them and were whisked off to the honey moon to live happily ever after!

Kory is currently overseas on a deployment and I know that Shelby is missing him like crazy! So, send your blessings to them as they go through this difficult time apart!

And keep in touch because they’re headed to Hawaii next! 😉

Cheers to Shelby and Kory!




























Venue: Grace Gardens
Dress: Ella Blu | Casablanca Designs
Bridesmaid Dresses: Ella Blu
Make Up Artists: DeShea Exclusive
Hair: BlondeTourage
Tuxes: Mens Wearhouse
Wedding Cake: Kimberly Trujillo {915-603-2726}
Florist: Grace Gardens


Valerie + Andy | Castle Ballroom | El Paso

Valerie and Andy are the sweetest couple who shared a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Shalom Christian Church in El Paso, Texas surrounded by their friends and family.

Valerie started her day at Xtremes Salon along with her sister and mother. They had a chill morning as the stylists pampered the ladies for the special day ahead. Valerie’s long dark hair was curled and her make up carefully applied. She’s a natural beauty who looked stunning after Ana, the stylist, had finished. Her sister, Brenda, and their mother, Lucy, posed for a cute picture under the hair dryers before we headed to Valerie’s house to step into her dress and add the finishing touches.

The bride’s mother helped her get dressed and pinned her “something old” to her dress for safe keeping. Valerie looked stunning in her wedding dress. The dress was unique with beautiful lace overlay and layers soft tulle fell to the floor. The silver beaded belt added a little bling to the already beautiful dress.

When she was dressed and ready her father, Jerry, got the see her for the first time. These are always such special moments. I love to see the dad’s reaction to seeing their daughters for the first time in their wedding dresses. It never disappoints!

It was a rainy wedding day for Valerie and Andy, but that didn’t stop them from having a beautiful celebration. We arrived at the Shalom Christian Church and everything was set up and ready for the vows to be exchanged. The handsome groom beamed as he waited for his bride to join him at the altar. The bride made her way down the aisle to meet Andy. They walked hand in hand up to the stage where the minister lead a God-filled ceremony. Andy and Val’s relationship is one that is centered around Jesus and their church family. They have strong family and church family realtionships that will be ready to lend support whenever its needed.

After the ceremony the rain was still falling in Fabens. So, we had to get creative with the photo locations. We decided on The Fountains because we knew it wouldn’t be muddy! So we could keep the brides dress as clean as possible. This place actually worked out really well and miraculously it was not raining when we started shooting!

Later in the evening, wedding party and guests began arriving to the Castle Ballroom in El Paso. The room was beautifully decorated to kick off the celebration for these newly weds! I was super impressed with the milk and cookie bar that was the bride’s brilliant idea. They had all kinds of cookies and every kind of milk in cute little glasses! It was a lot of fun for both the kids and the adults at the party.

After dinner was served, the DJ turned up the music and the party kicked off with the first dance for the new husband and wife. Both the bride and groom shared special dances with their parents. Afterwards, the guests had a blast dancing and partying the night away. Everyone you and old was on the dance floor! El Paso really does now how to party.

Take a look at some of my faves from Val and Andy’s day!

Getting ready

bride reads magazines with mom and sister under salon dryers


brides mother fastens dress

brides poses for a full length portrait

father kisses daughter on the cheek-2father kisses daughter on the cheek

brides father sheilds her from the rain

Shalom Christian Church | Fabens, TX


groom smiles as he waits for his bride at the altar

extremes salon door-5

bride and groom cheer after they are pronounced

bride and groom kiss in the limo


The Fountains | El Paso, TX


guests dance at the reception-6guests dance at the reception-5

bride and groom pose under the veil


Castle Ballroom | El Paso, TX


toasts with the whole familybride and groom share first dance

three kids waits for cake

The Milk + Cookie Bar

guests dance at the reception



Venues: Shalom Christian Church, Castle Ballroom
Hair & Make Up: Xtremes West Salon, Ana
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal, Vera Wang, White Collection
Florist: Angie’s Flowers
Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse
Cakes: The Cake Lady, Irma Holder
DJ: DJ Munchies (Luis)
Milk & Cookie Bar: Elegance by Susy


El Paso International Museum of Art | Stephanie + Stephen

Stephanie and Stephen had such a amazing and intimate wedding at the International Museum of Art in El Paso, Texas. Take a look at some of my favorite images from their day.

Meeting the future Wattys

Stephanie and Stephen are both doctors who have been transplanted to El Paso.  Stephanie has a Phd in Art History and Stephen is a medical doctor, so these two are quite a team! They have been dating since college and they decided to tie the knot in El Paso. I was so thrilled to meet them. I just felt good vibes immediately when we sat down at Trade Craft for coffee. They also let me know that one of the groomsmen was also from Georgia like me! Even further evidence that this was going to be a great wedding fit!

Foilage Salon

I met Stephanie and the bridesmaids at the Foilage Salon in El Paso. They all laughed and chatted in various stages of hair and make up. The styilists worked on styling applying make up to the ladies to prep them for a day full of photos.

salon foilage-1salon foilage-2

El Paso International Art Museum

the international museum of art in el paso-1
Internation Museum of Art in El Paso

Stephanie’s theme for the wedding was art deco style which I love! The little touches from her rhinestone shoes to her finger waved hair were just perfect.

The three tiered art deco style cake was made by her talented mother and I cannot rave enough about it. The details were everything and it was delicious! If I ever get married, I’m seriously calling her mom for this cake!

The ceremony and reception area was decorated with beakers, test tubes, old science and history books and other science things that I don’t remember from chemistry class! I loved photographing them. What a unique way to decorate a wedding. I loved all the little touches representing both their passions and personalities that they thought to include.

empty wedding venue waits for guests to arrive-1

wedding rings sit in front of beakers-1

Bridal Details

Stephanie’s dress fit her like a glove. She looked so glamorous when everything finally came together. The bridesmaids dressed were all different shades of gold and added a beautiful texture and color to the bridal party line up.

wedding shoes sit in an archway-1

Prepping the Bride



Stephanie’s mother helped her make a few final touches to her bouquet by added her family’s heirloom jewelry. The bridesmaids gathered all around Stephanie to get her looking perfect before she met her groom.

Stephen and his groomsmen dressed handsomely in traditional black suits pinned with white roses dipped in gold glitter. The were all ready to go when they arrived at the venue for the ceremony.

Before the ceremony began, Stepanie opted for a first look with her father who looked so happy to see his beautiful daughter all glammed up and ready to walk down the aisle.

bride's father sees the bride for the first time-1

Guests rose from their seats as the bride and her father appeared at the top of the steps. Escorted by her father down the steps of the museum, she met her groom as he beamed at her from the altar. They had a sweet and emotional ceremony. They both wiped away tears as they read their vows to one another. They exchanged rings and kisses and were pronounced husband and wife. They seemed to skip back down the aisle as they made their way outside for the pictures.

first kiss as huband and wife-1

Husband and wife ventured around the museum with me as I photographed them enjoying each other’s company in the after ceremony glow.

bridesmaids pose and laugh-1

wedding party cheers on the museum steps-1

groom poses with his family-1brides parents kiss her cheek-1

The new husband and wife rejoined their guests the same way Stephanie had entered the ceremony. Hand in hand they made their way down the stairs to greet their eagerly awaiting family and friends. They held their sweet first dance to Shining Star by The Manhattans. They both looked so happy and relieved to enjoy the party!

groom dances with his mother-1

groom dances with his mother close up-1

tiny lock and key in hands-1

Beautiful toasts were made by the maid of honor, best man and the bride’s father. The bride’s father handed a special lock and key to the groom that he held onto for Stephanie for this special day. Details like that special token from her father made this whole day so special.

The guests and newly weds mixed and mingled and shared blesssings and well wishes. When it was time to part for the day, the guests lined up outside of the museum steps with bubbles in hand.

bridesmaid sits with her sleeping son-1

As the guests starting blowing their bubbles and the Wattys ran hand in hand through the bubbles grinning from ear to ear.

bride and groom exit the museum while guests blow bubbles-1

And they were off to their Hawaiian honeymoon!

Wishing this awesome couple a life time of happiness!


Makeup and Hair: Foliage Hair Salon and Day Spa
Venue: The International Museum of Art
Cake Artist: My Sister’s Bakery (Mother of the bride: Debbie Strauss)
Wedding Dress: Absolute Bridal (Midland, Texas) Essence of Australia
Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu’s Fashion Lounge
Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse
Catering: Around the World Catering
Officiant: Minister Barbara Perez

Brittany + Jordan

I started out the day with Jordan and his groomsmen at Jordan’s apartment. I could tell that Jordan was eager to get the day going. He was chill, but ready to marry his bride. The groomsmen helped each other figure out suspenders and cuff links. The hot New Mexico day was already sweltering as the groomsmen gathered outside for a final group picture before my second shooter and I headed to meet Brittany and her the bridesmaids.

We arrived at Brittany’s father’s beautiful New Mexico home. Brittany’s mother, sisters and friends were having their makeup done and helping Brittany get ready for her big day. The gorgeous blush colored bridesmaid dresses hung in the living room window. The bride was calm and quiet that morning. Unfortunately, she was not feeling 100%, and was just taking in the flurry of activities going on around her.

Brittany’s best friend, mother and sister helped her get her gorgeous dress on. The ruffles, the buttons and the sweetheart neckline of the stunning dress fit Brittany like a glove. She wore her ‘something blue’ on her feet. Her blue cowboy boots peeked out from under the ruffled skirt.

The sweetest part of the morning was Brittany’s father’s first look. As he walked in to see his daughter for the first time, his eyes welled up as he said he wasn’t going to cry. He gave Brittany the sweetest embrace and held her for a minute (while the rest of the room teared up). 🙂

As the ceremony was approaching, we headed to the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum. The ceremony area was set up beautifully under the purple toned Organ Mountains and big blue sky. A sparkling crystal chandelier hung from the ceremony arch that was covered in lush green and blush florals.

Instead of a first look, the bride and groom opted for a prayer together as they stood on either side of the beautifully carved wooden door of the venue just before the ceremony.

The wedding guests started to gather and take their seats. The music started up as the groom and his father, who officated the ceremony, entered. The sun beamed down as the guests rose to watch Brittany make her way down the aisle escorted by the father.

Jordan smiled as he watched his bride walk down the aisle towards him. She met Jordan at the altar and Jordan’s father officiated a beautiful ceremony. They shared prayers and blessings and tied the unity cords to symbolize their new life together as their closest family and friends witnessed. They were pronounced husband and wife and sealed their new union with a kiss. Walking hand in hand back down the aisle they started their new life together.

The couple shared a few moments together under the purple and pink Organ Mountains. They kissed and danced in the sunset on the covered bridge as we catured all the sweet moments before the excitement of the reception began.

Back at the reception, family and friends were eager to welcome the newly weds. The room was beautifully decorated with string lights over head, blush sequin table cloths, gold accents and beautiful flowers on every table. The cake table was covered with a variety of delicious-looking cupcakes. All the kids (and maybe even some photographers) were staring. 🙂 The cake was a beautiful three tired simple design that made a sophisticated as it towered over the cupcakes.

The wedding party entered the room and everyone stood and cheered as the newly weds made their way in. A delicious dinner was served followed by Brittany and Jordan’s first dance as a married couple. They danced under the lights to My Best Friend by Tim McGraw. Brittany shared a sweet dance with her father and Jordan danced with his mother who looked so happy to dance with her son.

Toasts by the bride’s father, maid of honor and best man happened next. The messages for the new couple were a mixture of fun memories, thanks and well wishes for Brittany and Jordan. The new couple finally cut their wedding cake and they fed each other a bite of cake with no shenanigans!

The dance floor opened and guests of all ages had a blast dancing the night away until it was time to send off the bride and groom to their honeymoon. The guests gathered outside and lined up with their sparklers. Everyone cheered as the couple walked together through the sparkling corridor.

The day was filled with so many memories and moments shared between friends and family. It was a gorgeous wedding and I’m so happy to wish The Browns a long and happy life together!