Peter + Latoya

I met Peter and Latoya at the Corner Bakery in El Paso, Texas. It was a busy trip for the two of them, because Latoya was living out of town at the time and they had to get in as much wedding planning as they could while she was here. Latoya had a bubbly personality and Peter seemed genuine and professional. They were pretty opposite, but they complemented each other well. We talked about some of the wedding details and their expectations of their big day. At the end of the meeting they had decided to book me!

After the meeting, Latoya and I would text and chat while she was living in Virginia. She really became like a friend to me not just a client. While she was living in Virginia for work she would text me just to say hi and check in. I was still fairly new to El Paso, so it was nice to be able to talk to a friend every now and then.

Peter is a successful realtor in El Paso working for Keller Williams Realty. He spent several years serving his country in the US Army and now gives back to fellow veterans looking to buy and sell their homes. So, if you’re reading this and you’re in the military and you’re looking to buy or sell a home call my boy, Peter Huerta! (#shamelessplug) (I don’t know if that $50 bonus referral is still on the table, Peter…Peter?)

Alrighty, flash forward to the wedding day, I met Latoya and her bridesmaids at the Anointed Hands Salon in El Paso. Everyone was already getting their hair done. The bride was in the chair getting her hair curled and her crystal tiara placed just right by the owner, Stephanie. Latoya seemed chill and relaxed and had a fun laughing and joking with her bridesmaids.

I headed to the Abundant Living Faith Center where the ceremony would take place. Peter was there with his groomsmen, son, Isaiah as well as Latoya’s son, Allen. They all joked and took turns jabbing each other as they put their purple vests on to prepare for the ceremony.

Shortly after, the bride and all the bridesmaids had arrived and began applying their make up and getting into their purple dresses. The cute little flower girls played games and ran around the church playing tag.

It was finally time for Latoya to show her mother and bridesmaids the finish product. Latoya stepped out of the dressing room as her bridesmaids, mother and sister gasped at the gorgeous bride. Latoya’s dress fit her like a glove. The Alfred Angelo dress was a unique silver color with a crystal rhinestone belt. Silver accents were everywhere including her chrome fingernails!

The ceremony room was lit up with purple, pink and blue stage lights. White light strands hung over head. Peter nervously walked into the ceremony area with pastor, Jared Neiman. They waited and exchanged a couple words on stage as they waited for the wedding party to enter. Allen, Latoya’s son, would walk her into the ceremony and give her away. Sha’Vonne Williams sang soulfully as the ceremony began.

The wedding party entered couple by couple and everyone stood as the gorgeous bride finally entered. Allen looked handsome in his fitted suit and was so proud to walk his mom down the aisle. Peter looked lovingly at Latoya as he waited to take her hand at the altar.

Peter helped Latoya up the stairs to meet him and the pastor. The pastor gave a quick sermon about marriage and then began the exchanging of vows. They shared a prayer, took communion to signify their unity in marriage and in God. As they exchanged rings the pastor made a special note of the gorgeous rings. Latoya proudly flashed her bling to her friends and family. Peter did a great job picking that out!

Pastor Jared pronounced the couple husband and wife and they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Peter and Latoya turned walked hand in hand out of the sanctuary where they waited for friends and family.

Friends and family poured into the gathering room to share their blessings with the newly weds.

After everyone had greeted the couple we went outside and finished up all the wedding party and family photos. The church windows made a cool modern backdrop. After the pictures at the church, everyone headed to the groom’s parent’s house for a gathering.

I met back up with the couple just in time for some gorgeous sunset photos. I scouted out a place and had Peter and Latoya meet me there on the way to the dinner at Mi Piaci Italian Restaurant. I found an empty lot with a view of the mountains. The sun gave us some gorgeous light as I photographed the newly weds. They held hands, kissed and danced in the El Paso sunset.

The couple opted for a small intimate reception dinner with just close family and friends. The dinner took place in the upstairs party room of Mi Piaci. There were two long tables on each side of the dimly lit room. Candles and flowers decorated the tables. Peter and Latoya shared a smaller table to themselves in between the two long tables. Their wedding cake sat on a stand on the raised area above the couple. The cake was a unique separated three tiered cake where each section sat on a different cake platform. The beautiful cake was decorated with purple flowers on top to match the bridesmaids dresses.

What really made the reception, were the memorable toasts from friends and family. Peter’s groomsmen (who were fellow veterans) shared stories both happy and emotional of the times they had shared and the trials they each had gone through together. In those moments, I realize how loved Peter and Latoya were and how much THEY loved their friends and family. Peter has gone out of his way to help his friends when they needed it the most and they were beyond grateful. The stories from each person who shared stories at the reception left the whole room with teary eyes.

Peter and Latoya put put  a huge emphasis on keeping God at the center of their marriage and that was felt throughout the day. I’m wishing you both many happy years of marriage!

So, without further ado I give you Peter and Latoya’s wedding day! 🙂


































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