What you’ve been waiting for…

With 2016 (almost) behind us. Phew! What better way to up your 2017 game than by being BOLD and celebrating Y-O-U.

How you ask?

With a boudoir portrait session of course! This session is going to change your life and how you see yourself.

Forget about that “Lose 10lbs” resolution and let me pose 20lbs off of you! I hear so many women say, ugh I’d love to do a session, but I need to get in shape first.

No, you don’t. I repeat. No, you don’t.

Its my job to make you look great and I know how to pose you down to your finger tips. You’ll get a makeover, we’ll pick out your wardrobe and before you know it the session will be in full swing. You’re going to have a blast laughing and looking fabulous, you’ll forget you even were worried about those so called…”imperfections.”

Last year’s boudoir marathon at the Hotel Indigo was a blast! 8 ladies bravely came through to show off their sexiness and they looked unbelievable.

I want to do it all over again this year, but with a little twist. In my last boudoir blog post I shared that I was planning another session, but that it would be a special theme this year. Don’t worry, its not going to be cheesy with red hearts, teddy bears and flowers.

I’m so pumped about this year’s theme. The vintage loving girl inside of me is jumping for joy! So without further ado…

This year’s boudoir marathon will be a Roaring 20s themed session at the Historic Gardner Hotel in Downtown El Paso! Think tassels, feathers, antique furniture, costumes and champagne! Check out the rooms here. You seeing my vision yet?

Here’s your invitation to our boudoir soiree…


This event will be held at The Gardner Hotel (311 E Franklin Ave) on January 14th & 15th. Sessions will begin at 9am. There will only be 3 sessions per day, so book now!

This event will be a blast for you, but will also double as his Valentine’s Day gift! Two birds, one boudoir event! Your images and products are guaranteed to be ready to wrap up just in time for Valentine’s day! He’s going to flip!

Bring a friend and you’ll both be all dolled up and ready for a night on the town! Walk right over to one of the many bars and restaurants that downtown El Paso has to offer.

For $350, you’ll receive a professional makeover, and hour long session, with posing direction, access to accessories and props, a glass of sparkly (if you’re 21), and an ahhhmazing experience with a professional photographer and 5 fully edited digital images from your session. Additional images and gift options are available for purchase. Such as gorgeous leather bound albums and a really fun view finder to give your SO.

(not my pictures)

A View Master! What a unique gift! And it totally goes with the vintage theme!

If you’re ready to sign up, you can do that here!

With this boudoir marathon, you’ll get a sample of what a full session with Jess Jones Photos has to offer. This is going to be an amazing experience. I promise you’ll love your photos!

You’ll walk away from the session with a renewed confidence and a probably a little spring in your step. 😉

Take a look at a few past sessions with a vintage theme.



Still not sure and want a little more information? Send me an email at jess@jessjonesphotos.com or give me a call at 706-905-7459. I’ll answer any questions you have!

Ready to book? Do that here and I’ll send out your welcome email! 🙂

David + Elissa

I met David and Elissa nearly a year ago at Trade Craft coffee. They had found me online and I liked them as soon as I met them. They both loved music. David had played in a band that toured around the country and Elissa once upon a time worked in Vegas! After talking to them for a few minutes about their wedding, I knew it was going to be saweeet.

I arrived at the hotel to find the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the big day. Fortunately, all of Elissa’s friends have some sort of make up/hair styling skills! Elissa was getting her long locks braided and curled as I arrived. Bridesmaids were in varying stages of applying makeup and getting their hair done. Elissa’s make up was a rockstar shade of pinky-orange on her lids and a dark red lip.

I went to grab her dress and shoes to go photograph out of the room and I was thrilled when I discovered it was pink! This gorgeous dress was a beautiful shade of blush with black appliqué details around the bodice. The back laced up with black ribbons.

The gorgeous bouquets arrived and I took them out to the pool for their photoshoot. They were made of gorgeous pink roses and white hydrangeas.

Elissa truly looked one of a kind when she stepped into her dress. Her mother and sister helped lace her up.

I found David and his boys upstairs having some beers and discussing the big day. They were also reading the instructions on the pocket square manual. 🙂 I made them all pile on the bed and take a picture. I think they loved it.

Everyone headed to the Desert Botanical Gardens for the ceremony. It was a warm sunny day in El Paso. The ceremony area was a covered patio and surrounded by native plants to El Paso. Friends and family filed in and waited for the bride to enter. David waited nervously at the altar for Elissa. This sweet guy teared up as the stunning bride was escorted down the aisle by her father. A huge smile spread over Elissa’s face as she saw David for the first time.

The couple’s close friend, DJ officiated the ceremony. He surprised Elissa with a special edition of her favorite book, Alice in Wonderland. The first time she saw the gift was when he presented it at the altar to read his notes for the ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet. They exchanged vows and took part in a hand wrapping tradition to bind the couple together. They shared their first kiss as newly weds and threw up the rock symbol as they enthusiastically made their way back down the aisle hand in hand.

After the ceremony we headed back to the hotel to load up on the Dryft Party Bus. The white bus pulled up to the hotel and this little old lady with white hair steps out. She’s wearing and leopard print shirt, white pants and lavender lipstick. She is grandmother goals.

It was an old school bus painted white and decked out with stripper poles, club lights and a Michael Jackson video on repeat! The wedding party blasted music, danced and drank beer.  We headed to our first stop at Memorial Park to take some pictures of the wedding party.

Our next stop was Tom Lea Park overlooking downtown El Paso where I took photos of the new husband and wife. I couldn’t take just typical pictures of these two though. A couple months before the ceremony I suggested to Elissa that we use some smoke bombs to make their pictures Epic and that’s what we did. We made some epic smoke bomb wedding photos.

It was time to head to Selarom Ballroom to get the party started. The sun was setting and casting a gorgeous light through the windows of the ballroom. The tables were decorated with crystal skulls…yasss! Pink and black guitar picks that said “David picks Elissa” were sprinkled on the tables. The three tiered cake was a conglomeration of ribbons and white chocolate skulls that smelled ahhhmazing.

David and Elissa shared their sweet first dance. They seemed calm in each others arms and a sense of “we finally did it” hung between them. As sweet as their first dance was, the real surprise came in the form of the daddy/daughter dance. The wedding day was the first day that I had met Elissa’s dad. Just knowing him briefly, he seemed to be a quiet man, who seemed like a real guy’s guy. I found him hanging out with David and the groomsmen earlier in the day. He got around with the help of a walker and oxygen. Having said that, you would think the first dance would have been a slow side to side sway between father and daughter. Nope. Wrong.

It did start out with a sweet back and forth sway to Butterfly Kisses which always makes me cry, but suddenly made a 180 about thirty seconds in to Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes and they started twisting and boogying on the dance floor. They really rocked out when Turn Down for What Remix kicked in. The grins and surprise from everyone in the room said it all. He had the time of his life dancing with his daughter. There weren’t many dry eyes in the room after that dance.

The wedding party looked like they had a blast dancing. I’ve been saying everyone in El Paso has the “good dancer” genes. Guests took turns in the photo booth wearing funny hats and masks. The bride and groom even had a chocolate fountain that looked absolutely divine. People were lined up to the back wall to get a little chocolate fountain action.

The bride and groom had the bouquet and garter toss, but not before David tried the garter on his head. #weddingtrophy

The dollar bills started flying when all the guests jumped in line to pay for a dance with the bride and groom. I think they racked up enough cash to enjoy several good honeymoon dinners. 🙂

It was such a pleasure to be able to photograph this wedding. David and Elissa are great people and are so perfect for each other. There is just a sense of calm when they’re in each other’s presence. I loved photographing this unique wedding and I want to wish these newly weds a very happy life long marriage!

Cheers (to the Chews!)

Enjoy this snippet of photographs from the Chew’s wedding day.


















Watch me whip…watch me nay nay.





This year’s boudoir marathon is…

Shhhh!!! A secret…for now.

Ok, what I am keeping under wraps is the theme. I’ve never done a themed boudoir marathon and I’m so pumped about this one. It’s going to be in a historic El Paso location that I’ve had my eyeballs on for quite some time. This particular building is full of history and I think its going to be a swingin’ good time!

The last marathon we did was at the very cool and trendy Hotel Indigo. 8 stunning ladies trusted me to take some beautiful pictures and give them a fabulous experience. We all had a blast playing dress up with sequins and furs, drinking wine and listening to our favorite tunes. They walked away feeling like the rockstars that they are.

This time around, I’m opening up JUST 6 spots, because I want to make sure I give each woman the attention they deserve! That you deserve.

Once you arrive, we’ll pick out your first outfit and you’ll begin hair and make up with our pro. We’ll chat and sip some wine while you’re getting prepped. We’ll make you feel like you’ve know us for years, so you’ll be totally comfortable in your skin. And don’t worry about not being a “model”. We’re posing pros, so there’s no need to worry about not knowing what to do in front of the camera! I will pose you down to your finger tips. We’ll go through a series of easy and beautiful poses and you’ll be Ahhhh-mazed when I give you a sneak peek at the back of the camera. Your confidence will soar!

Yes, that’s You in the camera looking unbelievable. 😉20161212_170152

I don’t know where you are in your life right now, but you came across this blog post and you’ve been wanting to feel that fire and that spark in your soul again then you need this experience. It’s something you won’t soon forget. These are photographs that you can look back on when your 80 and say, “Damn. Look at me. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I’m a hottie.” And as you close your album a smile spreads across your face at those fond memories of the day you said yes to yourself.

I’m only going to open up 6 spots, so don’t wait to decide if this is the right time.

You came across this post, you opened it, because you were curious. Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe this is something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile. When’s the last time you did something for you?

Its time to mark your calendars, because my next El Paso Boudoir Marathon will be on January 14 & 15th! (Just in time to get your goodies for V-day!)




(None of these ladies are models.)

Remember…January 14th & 15th!
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