Neon Lights

Sometimes you just gotta CREATE somthing that you don’t normally create to keep your brain working.

So, I did.

This is a shoot from a few months ago with my friend Jason Walls. We were in downtown Columbus, GA and just decided to get creative with some night shooting. These are not the original edits, but I came back to these to see what I could do. After playing in Lightroom a bit…I love the results!

I couldn’t let that neon trend pass me by!


What do you think? Cool or nah?

Ryan + Caroline | The Woodlands at Sweetwater Brewing Co. | Buckhead, GA

Before the special wedding celebration at the sweetwater brewing company in Buckhead, caroline and Ryan met at CSU.

I remember the night at the Tap when she squealed because Ryan had walked into the bar with his friends. She had had a crush on him for awhile. We were hanging out after a shift together at Houlihans. This must have been before her nursing program, because she was actually out with us to have fun. 😉

Caroline and I became good friends while at Houlihans during our restaurant days. We’ve had some fun times together. We’ve listened to music together in the hot Tennessee sun at Bonnaroo. We’ve ruined through all her dresses too find the most flapper-esque styles, so we could have a 20s themed photoshoot with our other friend Gaby. We traveled to Cozumel where we went scuba diving and kissed tiny baby monkeys (which was probably a bad idea, but we survived).

Since then she’s become this incredibly determined and driven woman. She knows what she wants and shes not going to let anyone get in her way of her plans…except Ryan. 😉

Ryan and Caroline seem to have one of those relationships that makes it easy to love one another.

They lift each other up.

They cheer on the others accomplishments. They inspire one another.

I’m so happy that my friend has found that in Ryan. They are both beautiful and genuine people and their wedding day was nothing short of authentic.

The ceremony was held at the Sweetwater Brewing Company in Buckhead.

But let’s rewind a bit to the time I arrived at the wedding an hour early. I was feeling good ready for the day. Found a great parking spot. Paid for said parking spot. Only to walk into the lobby to discover there was more than one ac hotel in the atlanta area and I was NOT at the correct one…CUE THE PANIC!

Luckily, my second shooter, Jason and I, made it to the correct hotel with enough time to get all the shots we needed! Phew! But let me tell you that no wedding ever goes without some sort of panic, but it always works out in the end.

Fast forward to the ceremony. Ryan and his groomsmen were hanging out in the upstairs area of the brewery. Beers in hand. This was an amazing place for a wedding. There was a stack of sweetwater cans on the counter that were stacked like a three tiered wedding cake.

The girls were in a empty room with amazing light on the other side of the bar. They were busy helping Caroline get into her stunning dress. Her mother held her veil and helped fasten her dress. I mean, it would hard to find a more beautiful bride than Caroline.

She shared a first look with her dad who is a pretty quiet man, but full of love and pride for his daughter. She read him a sweet letter before he walked her down the aisle.

While I was going back through these photos after the wedding, I got so emotional thinking about all the authentic moments of joy that were shared throughout the day between friends, family and especially between Ryan and Caroline. I’m getting emotional now thinking back on them! The photos were beautiful but there’s an authentic emotion that was captured in them that brings me so much joy.

The ceremony was unique. They music they played was amazing. The grooms brother, Gerald, officiated the ceremony. He did a great job. He made people laughed and shared Gods word. The special part of the ceremony was where they washed each others feet. The River played during this portion and couldn’t have been a more perfect song choice. It’s a beautiful and powerful song.

The newlyweds shared their “I dos”.

I took the couple out to take their portraits before they could go in and party. They were enjoying the moment of calm in all the craziness that was about the the reception.

The wedding party lined up to enter the reception. The crowd cheered and clapped as each member was announced into the party. Last, but def not least, The Branches entered the reception. They jumped right into their first dance to a Work S


ong by one of my favorite bands, Hozier.

Instead of a cake, they had their own beer brewed by sweetwater. They tapped the keg instead of cutting the cake which was so awesome! Future reference: Stand back when kegs are being tapped!

The rest of the night was where everyone could party and let loose! This was a dancing crowd and they were awesome. Looked like everyone was really having a blast! Even the photographers. 😂

The night was coming to a close and like many couples these two had to run through a corridor of friends and family holding sparklers to bring the night to a close. This is always such a fun moment to capture. Caroline and Ryan’s exit was no different they left their wedding on cloud 9 and were whisked anyway to their honeymoon in Columbia.

I was so thrilled and honored to photograph this wedding. Happy to call these two friends. I know you guys will be just fine. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

Check out the photos from The Branch’s day!

























The Vendors:

Venue: The Woodlands at Sweetwater

Hotel: AC Hotels

Dress: Long story… 

Bridesmaid dresses: Shop Revelry 

Tuxes: Black Tux

Coordinators: Stella Harper Events [Erin Stapleton]

DJ: DJ Byrd

Florist: Stems Atlanta

Hair and makeup: Candace Davis

Videographer: Rusticus Films


Ashley + John Wade | River Mill Event Center | Columbus, GA

Ashley and John Wade Ginn shared a fabulous wedding celebration at the one and only River Mill Event Center in Columbus, GA.

This whole celebration was laid back and The Ginn’s just wanted to have a good time and I think they nailed it! Ashley had two dresses for her celebration. The one she wore to her actual wedding in Las Vegas and her awesome comfy hi-lo party dress that she danced the night away in. This bride was stunning in both dresses.

Ashley’s beautiful sister and mother helped the bride get laced up into her formal dress and placed her veil perfectly.

The huge industrial style windows at the River Mill are always the perfect backdrop with the gorgeous light that they provide. I’m a such a huge fan of the old historic look and love when I can mix the old and new elements in one photo.

John Wade and Ashley met me in the garden for their portraits under the setting sun and the ethereal spanish moss that hangs from the trees in the River Mill Garden. They laughed and danced while I photographed. They both were totally chill and ready to party. Ashley’s gorgeous jewel toned bouquet was created by the talented B. Anderson Florals who never seems to disappoint us with her talents.

The whole family joined us in the garden for portraits and the beauty queen grandmother’s showed us all how to pose to create those flattering curves!

The time had come to get the party started. The ballroom was beautifully decorated with string lights over head and flowing white fabric. B. Anderson floral designs were on every table. She chose some really beautiful evergreen foilage paired with deep magenta toned flowers. The tables had some awesome brass candelabras and vases that lended a cool antique vintage vibe.

The Carson Hand Band totally killed it with their music and had the whole guest list on the dance floor.

The newly-weds shared an anniversary dance with all the couples in attendance and were left dancing with longest married couple in the room, John Wades’ Grandparents, with over 60+ years of marriage! How amazing is that?! Something to be celebrated for sure!

Guest mingled and snacked on the delicious food that was prepared by Jamie Keating. It all looked amazing! Oh and they had a deconstructed smore’s bar! #dead

I totally loved photographing this celebration of marriage and loved seeing tons of familiar faces. It was definitely a Harris County reunion!

Here’s to The Ginn’s! Wishing you guys many many happy years!












The Fab Vendors:

Venue: River Mill Event Center
Florals: B. Anderson Florals
Band: Carson Hand

Amy + Anthony | Macedonia Hills | Newnan, GA

Amy and Anthony shared a sweet, but rainy wedding day at the beautiful Macedonia Hills wedding venue in Newnan, GA. They say that rain brings good luck and a cleansing start to a new chapter in life. I don’t think this couple will need luck, but they had plenty of it either way!

Before I continue the rest of the blog let me get this cheesy joke out of the way. Their wedding was ‘PRICE’less. (Get it?! Their last name is Price.) I know. Don’t care. And one more thing, I’m hoping Anthony, the writer, doesn’t judge my writing skills too much!

Back to the blog. The wedding venue was beautifully and thoughtfully decorated with the bride’s vision. Pink peonies dotted her bouquet. Eucalyptus was abundant and filled the empty wine bottles that decorated the farmhouse tables and vintage furniture provided places for guests to lounge.

Amy and her beautiful bridesmaids spent the morning getting ready and doing last minute final touches. The groom’s daughter, Isabella, spent the morning with the ladies as well. Amy’s sister and Maid of Honor, Kathleen, helped Amy get into her gorgeous-curve-hugging wedding dress. She applied a gaurdian angel pin near her heart. Their parents were certainly there in spirit.

I found Anthony and the rest of the groomsmen in basement of the main house. They were watching football and relaxing before the big day. Anthony had awesome cigar boxes for the guys that held special gifts like a tobacco pipe, aviators and bracelets made by his future bride. He handed them out to each groomsman and let each one know how much he appreciated them and was grateful that they could make the trip to celebrate.

The rain still hadn’t let up and I needed to find a covered spot for the first look. The rustic barn on the property fit the bill. Anthony faced towards the open barn door looking out over the field. Eager to see his bride that he loves so much. You can just tell from the way he talks about her.

Amy entered the barn to find her groom waiting. She crept behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. Their reactions were priceless. They both have so much love for one another. It’s refreshing to see their connection. They admired each other. Anthony gave Amy a twirl to get the 360 view.

They took turns reading their vows to each other. I photographed their genuine emotions and it filled my heart to witness.

Before the ceremony, Anthony shared a first look with his daughter. Cue the water works! His reaction to his daughter pulls my heart strings. It was definitely one of the best moments from the whole day. What a great dad. As they shared a moment together on the front porch, Isabella gave her dad a special token that had ‘always your little girl’ inscribed.

Guests were beginning to arrive and take their seats as the rain was still coming down. The wedding party lined up with their super cool clear umbrellas and made their way down the hill. One by one, the bridal party took their places next to Anthony as they waited for the bride to enter. I kid you not, as soon at the ceremony was beginning, the rained paused and the sun peeked through the clouds long enough to complete the quick ceremony.

Amy looked stunning in her fitted lace wedding dress as she walked down the aisle surrounded by family and friends. She met her groom at the altar where they shared a sweet union officiated by one of the groomsmen, Jared Engel. They cheered as the ceremony completed. It was official…#PromotedtoPrice!

The newlyweds entered the tent to share their first dance as husband and wife. They swayed to the music in each other’s arms. Smiling from ear to ear.

Guests dined on some delicious treats from the ‘Good Food’ food truck. Amy’s sister, Kathleen, and the best man, Luke, gave a special toasts and well wishes to the bride and groom. Meanwhile, Kids slipped and slid around the dance floor. They were having a blast. The DJ had everyone on their feet at some point in the celebration.

As the sun was setting and creating a beautiful pink and purple sky through the rainy mist, guests lined up with sparklers and the newlyweds charged through pausing to share a kiss.

When the sun sank behind the pine trees, the guests turned their attention to a really sweet slideshow showing Amy and Anthony’s lives before and after they met. Following the slide show, Anthony, Amy and Isabella shared a family dance. Isabella totally stole the show with her tie-dyed shirt and sick dance moves!

This was such a fun and thoughtful wedding down to every little detail. I’m so happy that the talented Amy chose me to be her photographer.

Remember, if it rains on your wedding day its good luck. Fortunately, these two were good sports about the weather. There’s not much you can do about it except embrace it and be in the moment!

Cheers to The Price’s!









First Look















Ansley + Stuart | Dunaway Gardens | Newnan, GA

Ansley and Stuart’s Scottish wedding at Dunaway Gardens was to die for! The details of this wedding were like nothing I’ve ever photographed! The bride wore a rose gold lace gown, the groom and groomsmen dressed in kilts, the ladies wore beautiful crimson, and the venue looked like a secret garden. They even had a drummer and a bagpiper.

I first met Ansley years ago when she modeled for a fun T-shirt shoot. She’s sassy, quirky and so cute! We had a lot of fun that day. We lost touch a bit between there, so I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her wedding!

Arriving at the venue, I was blown away by the beauty of Dunaway Gardens. It was a lush estate covered in moss and ivy. It was established by stage star, Hetty James Dunaway. The gardens were an oasis for the performing arts and a favorite retreat for celebrities of the time including Walt Disney! To read more about the history of Dunaway find their history here.

Ansley and Stuart got ready at a nearby hotel in Newnan. The guys had a chill morning sipping on scotch whisky. The girls sipped champagne across the hall as they prepped hair and make-up.

Ansley, alters wedding dresses for a living, so she made some final touches to her dress on the beautiful porch of the bridal cabin at Dunaway. Her mother helped her into her gorgeous dress. The brides added some final touches. Before the ceremony, the bride pinned on her mother and grandmother’s tartans.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful outdoor stone amphitheater. The steps are carpeted with green moss and its surrounded by trees. It was an unbelievable spot and the overcast day made it even more Scottish.

As the ceremony started, the couples’ friends sang a beautiful Scottish song to precede the ceremony. Stuart entered with his groomsmen in tow dressed their kilts. He held back tears, as he watched Ansley make her way down the large stone steps, escorted by her father. Her mother joined them at the bottom of the steps and the both gave her away to her groom.

The ceremony itself was full of wonderful Scottish traditions. Instead of a candle or sand jar they had a hand fasting ceremony to signify their union. Their long-time theater friend officiated the ceremony. He wrapped their hands and gave a blessing for their new marriage. To close the ceremony, the groom pinned his family tartan on the bride’s dress. They shared a sweet kiss and then invited the whole family for a group picture before leaving the ceremony. And when I say the whole family, I mean the WHOLE family! It was super cool to see everyone together in one picture.

After the ceremony concluded the bagpiper and his drummer wife, lead the guests in a traditional processional to the reception to begin the party!

While the guests were making their way to the reception area, I photographed the fabulous wedding party. They are pretty much all thespians, which made for some very awesome pictures. Personality was shining through for sure!

I took the bride and groom down to the lower garden for their portraits. They wandered around the stunning lower garden at Dunaway. So, in love and ready to celebrate! There was a wishing well in the garden, so the two of them made a wish and tossed the penny into the water.

I can’t get over how Stuart looks at Ansley. Ladies, find you someone who looks at you the way that Stuart looks at Ansley. Talk about Prince Charming.

We made our way to the reception and quickly cut the poor cake that was starting to melt in the unseasonably late Georgia heat and humidity. Figures! The simple white cake was adorned with gorgeous fall flowers.

The reception kicked off with the first dance between husband and wife to Sweet Annie by the Zac Brown band. (Fun fact: Anything by Zac Brown makes me cry like a baby!) They were beautiful to watch as they twirled around the dance floor in each other’s arms. Ansley danced with her father to a special song that was actually written by her dad’s great aunt. Stuart shared a sweet dance with his mother who looked gorgeous in her long blue dress.

The rest of the guests kicked off the party and seriously danced the night away. I loved that Ansley and Stuart let loose and really enjoyed their night. The Dj was awesome and kept the party pumping. There was one special song dedicated to Ansley from her childhood girlfriends that also speaks to my heart. If you a female who grew up performing with your friends in the living room, I’m sure you’re going to know this one! Its called Lady Marmalade from the movie Moulin Rouge. That song takes me back to sleep overs and sing-a-longs with my best friends!

The wedding was so much fun! I had a blast photographing it.

PS: Since photographing this wedding, I have some special news, Ansley and Stuart are already expecting their first little one! Yayy!! Can’t wait to see those precious pictures!

Wishing the Spears, a long & happy marriage!

#notafullpickle #onlyaspears

The fabulous vendors:
Venue: Dunaway Gardens
Event Coordinator: Elizabeth Stephenson with Table 6 Productions
Dress: Oleg Cassini for David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal
Kilts/Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse and Atlanta Kilt Rental
Cake: Kathryn Spears
Bag Piper/ Drummer: Tom Crawford












































Elyse’s Maternity Session

I’ve known this girl all my life. She’s like a little sister to me.

We photographed Elyse’s maternity session in the creek that she, her sister’s and I all played in as kids. I have so many special memories of mud pies, rain boots sloshing through this creek and catching anything that swam, crawled or slithered past us.

I photographed her maternity session on an early march morning session in Georgia. Elyse and Hunter are now parents to a precious baby boy named Ledger and I can’t wait to meet him!

Enjoy some of my faves from Elyse’s maternity session.






Enrique + Mary

I thought Mary and Enrique would be getting married in Vegas, so when she contacted me to shoot the wedding I was thrilled that they thought of me again. I photographed their engagement session last year in the unbloomed cotton fields of Santa Teresa, NM.

At 107 degrees, Mary and Henry’s wedding day was definitely one of the hottest days of the summer! And for that reason, most of the photos were taken inside of the El Paso Country Club. Mary arrived and put her dress on shortly before the ceremony as her bridesmaids helped her get ready. We briefly took some bridal photos around the clubhouse and out on the golf course. Mary carried a gorgeous rhinestone bouquet and wore the cutest sparkly Betsy Johnson wedding heels. Her hair piece and make up were perfect. She truly looked stunning.

Enrique and some of his groomsmen arrived to the venue. Enrique surprised Mary with a new Pandora charm as she greeted him. A couple of the bridesmaids helped the groomsmen pin on their boutonnieres, which were of course flower brooches with rhinestones.

All of the gorgeous bridesmaids looked super cute in their gold toned short bridesmaid dresses and sky-high heels!

The theme of the wedding must have been “Bling”! And that theme continued throughout the reception area where the tables were covered with beautiful silver and sparkly center pieces. Oh and they had an ice sculpture with their initials “M+E” carved into it!!

Guests arrived and took their seats as the wedding party waited to enter the ceremony. The ceremony was conducted in both spanish and english for all guests to understand. The mothers of both the bride and groom lit the candles to start off the ceremony. The bride’s son Ossie, was a big part of the ceremony. He didn’t want to leave Enrique’s side…that is until he got antsy and wanted to sit with his grandparents.

The beautiful ceremony included a string quartet which performed classical music throughout the ceremony and into the cocktail hour. Guests mingled with delicious looking cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in hand. The bride and groom bounced around from guest to guest chatting and hearing from friends and family their blessings for the future.

As sunset approached (and the day had finally cooled down), I took Mary and Enrique outside to the beautifully manicured golf course to shoot some portraits of the couple. The light from the setting sun was just perfect. The couple showed off their comfy converse sneakers! (Mary’s were bedazzled with beautiful crystals!) The couple looked happy in a quiet moment together and teased each other as I captured their moments around the course.

Mary’s son, Ossie, caught up when he saw that mom and Enrique were leaving him out of all the pictures! He sat still for a moment to take a couple cute pictures and then resumed playing in the sand trap of the golf course.

Back inside, the guests were entering the beautifully decorated reception area. Mary changed into her goddess-like reception dress with head piece to match. The DJ announced the newly wed couple’s entrance and they were seated at their own table complete with a “Mr. and Mrs.” sign and their initials projected over head in the beautiful lights. The DJ did a wonderful job with the lighting and the fun atmosphere that was starting to elevate the party. Mary’s father said grace over the meal and the Mexican Trio band played festive, but romantic tunes as dinner is served.

Please enjoy the pictures from Mary and Enrique’s gorgeous wedding.






Gina + Bryan

Gina and Bryan’s wedding started on a beautiful Georgia morning at one of my favorite venues, Standing Boy Creek Farms.  Seriously, this place is so gorgeous, I highly recommend considering having your wedding here! It’s quickly becoming a very popular place, so book it early! Click here if you want a beautiful venue.

Gina and her bridesmaids, got ready in one of the beautifully furnished hunting lodges. Her sister applied her make up and coifed her hair into a gorgeous up do complete with baby’s breath.


As the ladies were getting ready, the bride’s daughter, Lexi, playfully examined  her mom’s veil.

Gina wore a gorgeous lace dress designed by David Tutera found at Uptown Gowns in Columbus GA. She went with simple white flats as her wedding shoe and held a bouquet made of white lilies.
Check out the Uptown Gowns Hereuntitled-9457untitled-9478untitled-9618untitled-9602untitled-8717untitled-9623


These pictures of the bride and her daughter are definitely some of my favorites EVER!!

untitled-9955untitled-9930untitled-9893 untitled-9736


After I finished photographing Gina and the bridesmaids, I drove over to their house where the guys were prepping. They were ready to get shooting when I arrived, so we traveled down the dirt road where Gina had previously scouted photo locations that would  be perfect for the Bryan and his buddies. The American flag in the back ground made a nice touch to commemorate Bryan’s military service. We could help but laugh at the strange sign we found in the woods and wondered, what had happened that lead to the posting of it! untitled-0115untitled-0128untitled-0078


When it was time for the ceremony the clouds rolled over the pine tree covered valley and provided some much needed shade! Luckily, the rain held off! 🙂 Guests listened to the sounds of the acoustic guitars as they waited for Bryan and Gina to enter the ceremony.

Behind the scenes, the bridesmaids were giving one last toast to the new bride!

Bryan waited at the alter for his bride and watched as her father walked her down the aisle. The ceremony was sweet and meaningful and I loved that Gina incorporated her sisters into the ceremony as they read a couple of meaningful passages before she walked out. The couple included Lexi into the ceremony with the building of the sand art. Gina and Bryan poured in the blue and white sand and Lexi added the pink sand on top.untitled-0306untitled-8799



I took the newly wed couples pictures amongst the Georgia pine trees. Gina’s long veil gorgeously blew in the  warm breeze. The couple took a quick moment to walk and kiss and take in the fact that they were now man and wife.

The newly weds danced their first dance on the top deck of Standing Boy to Sparks by Parkway Drive.


The cakes perfectly joined (literally) Bryan’s interests and business ventures into the ceremony.


Gina and Bryan shared a champagne toast as guests enjoyed the delicious lunch catered by Trevor Morris, owner of Trevioli’s in Columbus, GA. Go check them out, for reals!

The bouquet winner was Emma and I’m sure it will be a little while before her wedding dreams become a reality. (No rushing, but if you need a photographer…). 😉



The newly weds ended the afternoon with a playful bubble exit under the pine trees and they lived happily ever after.

The End.

Gina + Bryan (sneak peek)

I had the pleasure of photographing Gina and Bryan’s beautiful wedding this past Sunday at the beautiful Standing Boy Creek Farms. It was a chill, early Sunday wedding with a mimosa bar! Here’s a few shots of the happy couple enjoying a few moments together before the reception entrance. Full post coming soon!