Ever wondered what your partner’s reaction would be to your boudoir session?

Many of the women that I haven’t yet photographed have some concerns. They are worried about what their partners, finances, husbands, or wives would say about their choice to have a boudoir session.

Will they be mad?
Will they even give a sh*t?
Will they be happy about receiving the gift?

Of course every relationship is different, but let me share what I woke up to this morning about this particular relationship.

Testimonial from my 60-year-old boudoir client:

Valentine’s morning felt like Christmas morning this year. I surprised him in bed by rolling in my suitcase with several gifts, the last being the blue velvet covered photo book from Jess Jones Boudoir.

His response: Quiet, choked up, tearful at times as he said softly, “This is so beautiful! You’re so beautiful! I can’t even describe how this makes me feel. I feel such love, commitment, and devotion for you. To know that you did something like this for me, something outside your comfort zone, makes me feels so loved like nothing else could.”

Again, I told him I was worried he’d be upset because he wasn’t the one taking the photos. “Oh, no! I’m so happy you had a professional do the shoot because she was able to capture all your beauty through her expertise.”

He studied each page carefully, slowly with such appreciation. I was so relieved! He wasn’t upset at all. Just the opposite. It was the perfect gift to complement our engagement.

Even now, over two weeks later, he still looks at the book every day. He beams with joy. He studies each picture and he’s always seeing something new. “They become more beautiful to me as I take more time to enjoy them each and every time I open the book.”

He was so excited about how well the book turned out and based on how much time he said I put into the photo shoot, he decided to purchase the balance of the pictures. This is truly a gift that will last the rest of our life together. As he said, “We can never top this Valentine’s Day!”

So, when I say this was a REALLY BIG DEAL, I absolutely mean that in every aspect. What this did for me was help me fully embrace my beauty, my sexuality, my sensuality and my confidence in being and moving in my body. -VB


These photos are not of this particular client, because she is choosing to remain anonymous. I wanted to share her words because some of you might have had the same thoughts.

Has your partner’s reaction ever been a concern for you?

Learn how you can feel more confident today.

Way Down Film Festival | Springer Opera House | Columbus, GA

Way Down Film Festival 2018

If you haven’t been to the Way Down Film Festival at the Springer Opera House in Columbus, GA then you’re truly missing out. This is the 3rd year that the film festival has been a part of the community. This is where filmmakers mingle with film lovers and artists of all kinds to showcase their short films.

The film festival takes place at these Springer Opera House in Columbus, Georgia one of the oldest theaters in the state. The theater itself is so beautiful and ornate it is truly a work of art. It’s the perfect backdrop to this unique festival.

And with the film industry in Georgia booming this festival is sure to continue for many years to come. Founders Jacey Jenkins, Stacy Cunningham and Cora King have done a tremendous amount of work bringing this festival to our city.

This is something so different for our community and it’s so important that people come out and support it so we can to continue growing and doing important events like this for our community’s future.

I was only able to attend the Friday screenings, but I was not disappointed. The quality of films that were shown made me laugh, cry and kept me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to be a part of the event next year.

It’s fascinating how these storytellers can capture you entirely in movie that is less than 20 minutes long. These pros can tell such a engulfing story full of emotions that leaves the audience with lasting impressions.

Please enjoy these photos from the Way Down Film Festival 2018 and be sure to check out the full gallery at this here.







Neon Lights

Sometimes you just gotta CREATE somthing that you don’t normally create to keep your brain working.

So, I did.

This is a shoot from a few months ago with my friend Jason Walls. We were in downtown Columbus, GA and just decided to get creative with some night shooting. These are not the original edits, but I came back to these to see what I could do. After playing in Lightroom a bit…I love the results!

I couldn’t let that neon trend pass me by!


What do you think? Cool or nah?