Ever wondered what your partner’s reaction would be to your boudoir session?

Many of the women that I haven’t yet photographed have some concerns. They are worried about what their partners, finances, husbands, or wives would say about their choice to have a boudoir session.

Will they be mad?
Will they even give a sh*t?
Will they be happy about receiving the gift?

Of course every relationship is different, but let me share what I woke up to this morning about this particular relationship.

Testimonial from my 60-year-old boudoir client:

Valentine’s morning felt like Christmas morning this year. I surprised him in bed by rolling in my suitcase with several gifts, the last being the blue velvet covered photo book from Jess Jones Boudoir.

His response: Quiet, choked up, tearful at times as he said softly, “This is so beautiful! You’re so beautiful! I can’t even describe how this makes me feel. I feel such love, commitment, and devotion for you. To know that you did something like this for me, something outside your comfort zone, makes me feels so loved like nothing else could.”

Again, I told him I was worried he’d be upset because he wasn’t the one taking the photos. “Oh, no! I’m so happy you had a professional do the shoot because she was able to capture all your beauty through her expertise.”

He studied each page carefully, slowly with such appreciation. I was so relieved! He wasn’t upset at all. Just the opposite. It was the perfect gift to complement our engagement.

Even now, over two weeks later, he still looks at the book every day. He beams with joy. He studies each picture and he’s always seeing something new. “They become more beautiful to me as I take more time to enjoy them each and every time I open the book.”

He was so excited about how well the book turned out and based on how much time he said I put into the photo shoot, he decided to purchase the balance of the pictures. This is truly a gift that will last the rest of our life together. As he said, “We can never top this Valentine’s Day!”

So, when I say this was a REALLY BIG DEAL, I absolutely mean that in every aspect. What this did for me was help me fully embrace my beauty, my sexuality, my sensuality and my confidence in being and moving in my body. -VB


These photos are not of this particular client, because she is choosing to remain anonymous. I wanted to share her words because some of you might have had the same thoughts.

Has your partner’s reaction ever been a concern for you?

Learn how you can feel more confident today.

When in Maui…| Boudoir | Kihei, Hawaii

I was inspired to share some photos from my Maui trip where a fellow #boudiebabe and I photographed each other in Kihei, HI.

We were in the same boudoir course and discovered that we both happened to be in Maui at the same time. So duh, we photographed each others boudoir sessions early one morning in paradise.




30 Second Interview| Carrie Reap |Make-Up Artist | Columbus, GA

Today, I want to intro another one of the Jess Jones Boudoir team members…

…drum roll, por favor…


Meet Carrie Reap!

Geaorgia make-up Artist, Carrie Reap.

Carrie is one of my faves! She’s hot on the make up scene and quickly becoming one of Columbus’ most sought after make up artists. I’m so lucky to have found her and added her to the Jess Jones Boudoir Team.

Carrie is a glam master. And She brings a calming spirit to our sessions and clients love the end results with Carrie.

When she’s not beautifying clients you can find her listening to true crime podcasts, cooking and hanging with her boyfriend!


Check out her work with some of my beautiful clients!


Here’s a 60-second interview with Carrie

When did you first fall in love with make-up?
I first fell in love with makeup when I saw my mom applying hers. She loves makeup! Growing up I would put a bunch of her makeup on before she got home from work. 

How long have you been in business?
This is my second year in the business!

What’s your favorite part of your job?
I love how confident my client is after I have applied their makeup.

If you could only choose one product to take with you on a deserted island which would you choose?
If I could only choose one product, it’ll have to be moisturizer LOL! As for a makeup product, it would have to be blush. 

What was the last gift you gave someone?
I gave my boyfriend a Starbucks gift card last week ️

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
Definitely, Mariah Carey!

What do you do when your not styling?
Play with my dogs, cook, do something creative, and hangout with my man LOL

What are you known for?
I’m not really sure. I don’t want to say makeup but probably makeup! LOL

Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 year or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?
I would say live 10 lives that last a 100 years. That sounds so interesting! 

Find her Social Meeds:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/makeupbycarrrie

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCXa39TJji5TqW5T51QPtew

Check her out in action!

30 Second Interview| Lindsey K |Stylist | Columbus, GA

Today, I want to intro one of the Jess Jones Boudoir team members…

…drum roll, por favor…


Meet Lindsey K!

Lindsey K
Lindsey K Stylist Located in Columbus, GA

Lindsey is one of my go-to stylists. I can always count on her to bring the sass and talent. Clients love her personality and she really knows how to make them feel comfortable and put them at ease during the make-over hour of their session.

When she’s not styling during my boudoir sessions you can find her at Southern Glam Salon and styling women of Columbus and surrounding area as well as brides and bridesmaids for their big day!

Check out her work with some of my beautiful clients!


Here’s a 60-second interview with Lindsey

When did you first fall in love with make-up?
I grew up in the beauty industry, I was 6 when my mother went to beauty school. I’ve been playing with her kit ever since.

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been styling for 17yrs hair, makeup bridal and everything in between!

What’s your favorite part of your job?
My favorite moment is when the model/client sees themselves for the first time after I’m finished.

If you could only choose one product to take with you on a deserted island which would you choose?
My can’t live without product is mirabella cc cream with spf.

What was the last gift you gave someone?
The last gift I gave someone was a cell phone neck holder? 

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
Favorite 90’s jam Pour some sugar on me!

What do you do when your not styling?
When I’m not styling I’m hanging out with my son, or killing it on the tennis courts!

What are you known for?
I’m best known for my personality. I’ve never met a stranger.

Would you rather live one life that lasts 1,000 year or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?
I’d like to live 1 life for a thousand years. Think of how amazing I’d be by 999?! Lol

Find her Social Meeds
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lindseykstylist
Website: http://www.lindseykstylist.com

Check her out in action!


Don’t be THAT guy.

Hey dudes. LISTEN UP.

This post is for you.

Your partner wants to feel wanted and desired. She’s tired of watching the kids all day and working and doing ‘mom things’. She wants to feel like you notice her. That you appreciate her. She wants to feel like she felt when ya’ll first met.

Women want a day of pampering and they want to feel beautiful. Don’t be the guy that makes them feel like they’re not worth it. Women go through their day trying to make everyone happy and putting others first. She deserves a day to herself. She deserves to have her make up done professionally, to be photographed and feel like a model for a day and to see her self in beautiful portraits. Its important for the soul.

Moms are always the ones taking photos and rarely in the photos. She needs portraits of herself. She’ll be a better mom and wife for it. She’ll appreciate her beauty and teach her children to love themselves as well.

Imagine this…

She just left my shoot pumped and ready to take on the world. Hair and make up on point. When she walked out of her shoot after seeing her photos…in her mind she was transported back to the woman you met and fell in love with. She felt amazing, so take her on a date and show her that she deserves to feel amazing and you want to support her happiness.




Don’t be the guy that tears her down after she just floated in on Cloud 9.


Give me 4 hours and I’ll give you more confidence than you’ve had in years.

I didn’t plan on writing this post, it started as a Facebook status, but the words just kept pouring out and I couldn’t stop them.

Many of you know I’m a wedding and portrait photographer and I LOVE my job. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love many forms of art and photography. It’s who I am. And I’ve always pushed forward to continue this journey even when I wanted to give up and even when other people said it would be too hard. Or that I needed to “get a real job”.

I’ve been doing this for 11 years. I’ve spent countless hours educating myself, practicing, editing and I’ve spent thousands of dollars investing in this career of mine. I’m mostly self taught, but I contribute a great portion of my photo journey to the dark room at CSU with my 35mm pawn shop Minolta. There was a lot of trial and error, a lot of bad edits that I thought were amazing at the time, to a lot of good shots that I am now confident in saying that actually are amazing shots.

I’ve recently been gravitating towards boudoir photography. Why? Because I absolutely love it and I believe there is a great need to show women who they are and what others see in a positive light.

Things change. We get older, have kids, bodies change, relationships come and go. All these things can have an impact on our self esteem, our confidence. Inner sparks get burnt out. Boudoir portraits can ignite fires in you that you forgot that you even had.

Empowering women and building their confidence is my mission. I’ve been given this photography talent and being able to use it as tool to show women how beautiful they are is something I am grateful for every day.

Boudoir is for women ALL ages, sizes and ethnicities. Don’t believe me? I have photographed size 00 to size 24, ages 20-60. Black, white, asian, hispanic. Young and old. Long hair. Short hair. Don’t care. You don’t need to wait till you lose a few pounds, get in shape, get a tan etc…(how damn long have you been saying that anyway?) You’re not getting any younger.

Every woman that comes into my studio says they were nervous and didn’t think the photos would turn out, but guess what? During the session, their nerves melt away, they feel confident in the woman that I show them on the back of the camera. They walk out feeling like they’re on top of the world. 🌎

I’m saying all this, because I want you guys to understand my passion for this art. Boudoir is a special thing that can commemorate milestones in your life as a woman. You deserve it. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. 💃

Start your confidence journey.