Krystina + Anthony

I was so thrilled when Krystina and Anthony wanted me to photograph their Hollywood wedding. I’ve known Krystina since my days serving at Houlihans in Columbus, Ga. She was the manager at Houlihans for a while until she moved on to other adventures within the same company. What always stood out to me about Krystina is that she truly lights up the room. She has this wonderful presence and its hard not to have a smile when she is around. Also, she had this amazing pair of lace up boots that I’ll never forget! Ha-ha! She loves Dr. Who, Disney princesses and all things cosplay. She’s a kid at heart and I know Anthony will never have a dull moment with Krystina by his side.

I had not met Anthony before, but had seen the happy pictures of him with Krystina. What I did know about him was that he was a magician and a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I immediately pictured card tricks, top hats and doves flying out of hats! And secretly really hoped all those things would be part of the wedding. 🙂 I was a slightly off with all my preconceived ideas of a magicians wedding. There were no doves or bunnies. When I met Anthony, the first thing I noticed was his huge smile. He was friendly and had a welcoming disposition about him. He also didn’t have a dove in his pocket…I don’t think.

The morning of the wedding, I flew into LAX very early from El Paso and ubered to Krystina and Anthony’s apartment. I waited for the wedding party to get prepped for the day and admired the neighbor’s prized “Sprite tree” in the yard. And by sprite tree, I mean the lady had hybrid lemon limes growing on her tree, but I digress.

We headed to the wedding venue, Wattles Mansion, in Hollywood. The giant house was a beautiful, Spanish style home that sat on top of a hill overlooking downtown Los Angeles. The front of the house was lovely, but the real beauty of the mansion was the stunning backyard. The back side of the mansion was slowly being overtaken by creeping green ivy. Three tiers of brick steps lead up the rose garden on the top level. The symmetry of the place was a photographer’s dream. Tall palm trees lined the aisle and string lights hung from the balcony.

I found, the bride and the bridesmaids had begun hair and make-up in one of the sun filled upstairs rooms. The bride started out the day wearing one of her favorite outfits…her Star Trek uniform. As fun as the Star Trek was, her second outfit change was the real show stopper. Her wedding gift from Anthony was a stunning white floor length Catherine D’Lish gown. The gown was made of delicate sheer white fabric and had long bell sleeves with ostrich feathers embellishing the ends. All you can do in a gown like that is just be fabulous and twirl around the room. Check and check.

Anthony and his son, Luke, arrived and they were dressed and ready to go in their tuxes. Luke was too cute in his mini tux and Anthony was all smiles ready to marry Krystina. As soon as Luke and Anthony arrived, Luke wanted to run upstairs and see Krystina. He gave her a big hug when he found her. Melt!

When the rest of the groomsmen arrived, they met Anthony upstairs. They finished tying bowties, fastening cuff links and buttoning vests. The men shared some whiskey on the rocks as they waited for the ceremony to begin. Even little Luke got a toast in for the big day. (water of course).

Meanwhile, the bride and bridesmaids were having pizza delivered a couple rooms down. The bride loves Anthony, but the side love story of the day here is really pizza. I mean everyone loves pizza. I can’t recall a time where pizza has broken any hearts…Unless you went to get a slice and the box was empty. J

The bridesmaids finished getting ready in their blush pink dresses. And then helped Krystina get her La Soie wedding dress on. The dress was perfect. The sweet heart neckline and the light and airy delicate fabric of the skirt looked stunning and fit her perfectly. The bride’s mother helped zip her up and place the long veil just right.

Shortly before the ceremony the bride’s father stepped in to see his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. He looked genuinely proud of her and gave her a big hug and kiss before he walked her down the aisle.

The wedding guests had taken their seats and the ceremony was getting started. The bride’s step father, Ellis played and sang some jazz tunes while the guests were being seated. He was definitely a crowd favorite and received much praise at the reception for his talent.

The groom’s father was officiating the ceremony. He and Anthony made their way up the steps to the front of the gardens to wait for Krystina’s entrance. Two by two the wedding party entered and made their way up the steps of the gardens.

When the wedding party was in place, a song was heard from an unknown location. The guests looked around to see who and where the singing was coming from. They found the bride in the second-floor window looking out and singing Can’t Help Falling in Love to Anthony before she walked down the aisle.

Krystina made her way up the steps of the gardens with her father to meet her groom who wiped away tears as he watched his bride join him at the altar. The bride’s father and mother gave her a kiss and took their seats. Anthony’s father proceeded with the ceremony. The couple read their own vows to each other and Anthony had his bride in stitches with laughter.

As Mr. Tigner was about to announce them man and wife we looked to the right of the couple to find one of the groomsmen was fainting! Fortunately, there was a doctor on the guest list and she rushed to his aid. He seemed to be ok and possibly had just over heated from standing in the hot sun. He was a good sport about it and later feigned fainting as the wedding party was announced at the reception.

The ceremony resumed and finally Krystina and Anthony were announced husband and wife!

A delicious dinner was served at the reception as the wedding party was announced and took their seats. Disney theme songs played softly in the background. The bride and groom sat slightly above the guests as they listened to their friends and family make both hilarious and heartfelt toasts to the newlyweds.

After dinner, the party moved into the Mansion where the Tigners shared their first dance as a married couple. They had a blast dancing to Flight of the Conchords and to me, it looked slightly choreographed, but maybe they just got skills like that! They ended the dance with a perfect dip! The bride followed with a sweet dance with her father. And Anthony and his mother kicked it up a notch with an impressive swing dance! Definitely, a talented family on both sides!

Next, it was time to toss that bouquet to the all single ladies. The bride took to the front balcony and tossed it from high above the guests. After a scramble, one lucky lady was the victor. As for the garter, I’d say that Anthony was very polite in removing it from under all those layers of white fabric. The single guys clustered up behind him, but in the end, it was a young man that won the title of garter catcher.

The dance floor opened, the wine flowed and people were having a blast mingling, dancing and taking photos in the photo booth.

Cutting the cake was tragic for Krystina, because she had to destroy her beautiful Dr. Who telephone booth! The pain on her face was visible as she sliced into the blue phone booth.  They didn’t hold back in smashing the cake in each other’s faces which always is more fun than being gentle with it!

The party continued into the night. As I was leaving, one of the last images I captured was of the new little family taking a picture together in the photo booth. It was a sweet moment and they seemed to have tuned out the party breifly and just enjoyed the present and their new journey together.

I’m sure that they’ll live happily ever after. Wishing this new couple, a long and happy marriage.

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots of the Tigner’s day.































Venue: Wattles Manison
Cake: Rai Antoinette Cakes
Dress: La Soie
Bridal Shoes: Steve Madden


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  1. Hi Jess, i’m not sure how to contact you, but i’m the landscape architect that recently restored wattles mansion. I am looking to purchase some of your garden shots from you for my portfolio. Anna Hoffman


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