Megan + Davis

Not quite an engagement session since they’d be married in 3 days! But it kinda was, because the only session they had for their engagement was taken by Megan’s 12 year old brother, JP. (Who actually did a pretty good job!) Haha!

This was actually the first time I had met Megan and Davis in person before I shot their wedding! They booked me while I was in El Paso and it unfortunately didn’t work out to where we could meet I flew into town for the big day. Despite the distance, it all worked out.

After being in the brown/orange sand box of El Paso (Just kidding! I love you, El Paso, but let’s be honest its not green like Georgia!) It was really nice driving through the winding green canopy roads through Harris County to her parents house.

I found them out in a field by this awesome old horse barn that her parents, Mark and Debbie, own. Mark and Debbie were actually just about to take two of the horses for a little trail ride as I got there.

So, we began shooting and getting to know each other a bit. The old barn was just the kind of thing I love to shoot in. Old, dirty, worn down, well loved. It made the perfect background for a country engagement session.

Megan wore and beautiful lace cream colored dress with cowboy boots of course! And Davis, looked like a true Southern gentleman in his jeans and laid back, white linen shirt. The setting sunlight, overgrown super green grass and laid back atmosphere all came together perfectly.

No country session would be complete without sitting on the front porch of a log cabin, swinging in a tire swing or climbing a tree! Luckily, we had three!










for good measure…here’s a horsey.

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