Vikas + Lisi

untitled-3875-2 copyblogI’ve been friend’s with Vikas for a long time now. I think we met probably about 6 or 7 years ago when he came into Houlihans, where I worked at the time. Flash forward years later, I was his wine rep when I worked at National Distributing Co. I’d come in every week and try to sell him the new wines which he would rarely take me up on! He’s a stubborn one, but even though he rarely bought what I was pushing we always had a great time sampling and talking about life.

Not long after I was his rep, he met Lisi! I had the pleasure of meeting her one night at LV Bar & Grill and right off the bat I thought she was the sweetest girl and Vikas had a real winner! They couldn’t be more different, but it works for them. She puts up with his stubborn ways and he compromises for her. As he should. 😉

All in one week they announced that they were going to have a little bundle of joy on the way as well as tying the knot!

On my last visit to Columbus, I had a beer with them one night at B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) and they of course invited me to the wedding ceremony. Fortunately, I was going to be in town, so I agreed to also give them so great pictures as well!

Originally, the ceremony would be at the courthouse and I’d be shooting the reception at Vikas’ Cajun restaurant, Cafe Le Rue. Luckily, the brides uncle is a pastor and was able to perform the ceremony for them right at the restaurant!

So amongst, mostly Lisi’s family (because most of Vikas’ family lives in India) and among the New Orleans decor the two were wed. It was a quaint, stress free ceremony. (I wish all weddings could be like that!)

Lisi looked beautiful in her short carefree wedding dress, that showed off her silver sparkle heels! Vikas looked handsome in his suit and green silk tie.

I’m so glad that I was able to be there for them to capture it. I always want people to have beautiful wedding pictures and I’m so glad I could give them that!

They’re currently enjoying their honeymoon in Biloxi, Mississippi! Lisi is in the sun and Vikas is hiding in the shade. Haha! I’m wishing you two a wonderful honeymoon and long happy marriage!

Check out the images below from their wedding day. 🙂


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untitled-7700 copybloguntitled-3929-2 copybloguntitled-3940 copyblog

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