Nancy + Andy

The vibe of this wedding definitely didn’t start like it ended! And it ended with a bang!

I began the day at Nancy’s house as she got ready for the day without all the hustle and bustle that normally occurs during wedding prepping. It was just Nancy, her mother, father, brother and niece that helped her get ready. Her mother, Gracie, helped the beautiful bride put on her wedding dress from White Lace Bridal Boutique in El Paso. Her train was long and the top of her dress was full of rhinestones and sparkles. She wore beautiful blue shoes with a crystal pendant on the tops.

The first time her father, Jose Silva, stepped into the room to see his daughter after she was dressed was full of quiet emotion. There wasn’t a huge outburst but you could tell by the look on his face that he was holding back tears. Nancy hugged her father as Nancy’s brother entered to see the final results.

The finishing touches were applied when her father and brother put on Nancy’s earring and her mother helped with her beautiful diamond bracelet.

Nancy’s niece, Naomi, helped Nancy put on her sparkly white flats so that she could comfortably and stylishly, walk around. Then she helped her put on her garter that was adorned with a blue flower.

A few of Nancy’s bridesmaids showed up at the house to help with last minute details. After everyone was prepped and ready to go, Jose, Nancy’s father, helped her into the black Charger that was waiting to take her to the ceremony.

We caravanned to San Antonio de Padua Catholic Church, where Andy and the groomsmen were already waiting. Another wedding had just finished up and that party was right outside the church taking pictures and and mingling. The priest was preparing for Nancy and Andy’s ceremony.

Their ceremony quickly got underway not long after we arrived. It was a traditional catholic ceremony. There was a simple guitar player at the side of the sanctuary playing soft music between prayers. Both Nancy and Andy’s parents along with the wedding party sat in the the front rows behind the couple as they prayed and took communion. A couple of members in the wedding party participated in the ceremony by reading scriptures. The maid of honor, draped the ceremonial lasso around the couple for unity and the best man presented coins to the bride and groom for good luck.

The newly-weds completed their prayers and were announced husband and wife. They marched out of the sanctuary followed by their family and friends. I caught Andy as he wiped his brow as they exited the church. Following the ceremony they spent some time in the church’s foyer greeting friends and family.

After the ceremony, it was time to load up and head to take pictures of the wedding party. We went to Memorial Park and I began lining up the bridesmaids in their blue lace dresses. The groomsmen arrived and made a bee-line for the snack truck. Andy was kind enough to bring Nancy and bite of hamburger and a blue slushee to re-energize. I managed to squeeze the whole wedding party under some shade and snapped a few fun pictures of them before everyone melted in the heat.

I took Nancy and Andy to their own photo spot at the El Paso Rose garden. As we walked through the garden, I snapped pictures of them dancing and enjoying each other’s company among the pink roses with the appropriate titles.

It was time for us to head to the reception, the Mariachi trio was playing at the door as Andy and Nancy entered the EPIC rail yard. The reception area didn’t need much decorating, because the place is so awesome already, but they had some roses and succulents scattered throughout and painted blue vases on tables that tied the decor together. There were beautiful carved wooden elephants that greeted everyone as they signed the guest canvas. Trains were passing by the windows right out side the receptions room. They weren’t loud, I don’t even remember hearing them over the DJ’s music.

Dinner was served and it was the groom, Chef Andy’s, own recipes. A delicious herbed chicken served with perfectly seasoned veggies and mashed potatoes. People lined up to be served and then hit the bar for refreshments.

After the announcing of the wedding party, I quickly grabbed Nancy and Andy and ran up to the rooftop and took a few more awesome pictures of the couple in the setting sun. The buildings of downtown El Paso stood off in the distance and the Franklin Mountains were directly behind them.

Nancy and Andy shared their first dance, followed by heartfelt father/daughter dance and Andy’s dance with his mother, Gloria who cried as she danced with her son.

I think the coolest part of the night was when the DJ pulled out a huge bin of those long colored balloons. Almost everyone was out of their chairs swinging balloons in the air to the music. The colors of the lights and the balloons accompanied by the awesome music really got the party started! (I’m sure the open bar helped too 😉 )

I had never seen a reception with such a cool party atmosphere. It was definitely REALLY fun. Young and old alike had a blast dancing and swinging the balloons through the air.

I have to give the DJ, Rhythm and Dance Factory D.J. Service, some props because they did an amazing job keeping the party going and their lights were amazing! They were an awesome team.

Another part of the reception that I thought was really cool, was when the DJ had Nancy and Andy make a bridge with their hands as they stood high up above their guests in chairs. The party single-filed under the Diaz bridge and snaked around the room until the song ended.

After the dance train, it was time for the garter and bouquet toss. The bride tossed the bouquet from high up on her chair to her single ladies and the groom flung the garter into the small crowd of single gents, but not before he wore the garter on his head.

At midnight, it was Nancy and Andy’s actual 10 year anniversary of being together, so they shared that moment together dancing and then invited the other couples to join them on the dance floor. Everyone had some dance skills. Must be in the El Paso water.

I left the reception with everyone still partying into the night.





























Cheers to Andy and Nancy!

Angie’s Flower-Erika
Cake: Angie’s Flower-Erika Pegueros-
Hair: Sol Hair Illusions, Lupe Solis,
Wedding Dress: White Lace Bridal Boutique,
Bridesmaid dresses: Bridal-Novas, Silvia,
Tuxes: The Tux Shoppe, Chito Aguilar,
Mariachi: Mariachi Trio-Los Aventureros, David Martinez,
DJ: Rhythm & Dance Factory DJ’s / Pro DJ Rentals,


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