Matt + Maegan

This is a special wedding to me, because it was the first wedding that I booked in El Paso. It actually kind of fell into my lap. It happened when I was out with some girlfriends for dinner. {Bear with me, I’m throwing out a couple names} Our waiter, Josh, was the bride’s brother-in-law and he mentioned that his wife (Cassandra) and her sister (Maegan) were opening Small Cakes, a cupcake shop in El Paso. So, naturally, I asked if they catered to weddings and gave him my card…just in case. He replied saying that his sister-in-law, Maegan was recently engaged and in need of a wedding photographer herself.

She contacted me not long after and soon Maegan and Matt were set on June 11, 2016. I was ecstatic and not only, because cupcakes were going to be involved, but more so, because I felt like I was getting back into my groove of what I gave up to move here. It was at least a step in the right direction.

When the wedding day finally arrived, my awesome second shooter (Megan) and I met Maegan [lots of Maegans] and her bridesmaids at the Hotel Indigo where the hair and make up team was already at work beautifying the ladies. The room was bright and full of love from her best friends and family. I began photographing the details from the dress to the shoes to the jewelry. Megan, went to photograph the guys, who were mostly busy trying to remove gobs of hair gel from the groom’s son, Jordan’s hair. ha-ha!

Maegan and Matt both spent some time through out the day to write a letter to each other that they would only open if times got tough and I hope they never have to open it! They also spent time finalizing their vows that they would read to each other later in the day.

Megan photographed the guys in front of this awesome mural behind the Hotel Indigo as they took turns zipping around the parking lot on a motorized scooter.

Back in the bride’s suite, the bride’s daughter, Olivia, had just arrived and was so thrilled to see her mom. “You look so pretty, mommy!” Olivia exclaimed when she saw Maegan in the make-up chair. It was so sweet, it made my eyes get a little misty. (It never fails, I always cry at weddings.)

More tears were caused by Maegan’s mother, Sandra’s, reaction to her gift which was an embroidered handkerchief that read, “Mom, to dry your happy tears on my wedding day…” I guess I needed one too! Her mother’s reaction was so sweet. I knew that gift meant a lot to her. I even got emotional looking back at the photos as I was editing.

Maegan’s beautiful best friend gave her a tiny little book on a keychain with quotes for a happy marriage inside. She had everyone in tears with her speech and surprise gift.

My second shooter, captured Matt’s sweet reaction as he opened his boutonnière. Maegan surprised him by attached a picture of his parents who had recently passed away. Even though Matt wasn’t one to really show his emotions in front of everyone, looking back through the images, I could see that he was really touched by the gesture. His parents were definitely felt throughout the day.

After everyone was finished prepping, we all headed to the beautiful, Ardovino’s Desert Crossing for the ceremony and reception. It was a gorgeous ceremony that was set up on the back patio of the venue. The ceremony overlooked the surrounding desert and mountains. Trains were passing back and forth in the distance.

The wedding party entered the ceremony followed by the beautiful bride who was escorted by her father, John Hurst. Matt beamed as he watched his gorgeous bride walk down the aisle. The groom’s sister lead with a few words in memory of their parents. And under the beautiful green vines and bright orange flowers the couple read their sweet vows to each other. After exchanging rings and sealing the deal with a kiss and slightly battling the wind. Maegan and Matt were wed and waltzed out of the ceremony on cloud 9!

After, shooting the rest of the wedding party and some family pictures. I quickly grabbed the couple and we shot their portraits in the desert as the sun was setting. It was a really gorgeous moment. The light was perfect.

Finally, it was party time. The wedding party entered into the reception area of Ardovino’s and the newly wed couple impressed the whole room with their choreographed first dance. Followed by the sweet dance with her father. And, I think everyone had tears in their eyes when Matt and his sister danced to “Hey Brother”.

After the delicious dinner was served the party really got started. People were dancing, taking pictures in the photo booth and having a blast! Heartfelt toasts to the newly wed couple from friends and family lead to more happy tears and plenty of laughs from the whole room. Maegan and Matt cut their gorgeous (and delicious) wedding cake made by the very talented Honey Bee Cakes.

The wedding party ended the night on a high note with an awesome fun group dance… turned dance battle with several wedding guests to the 90s hip hop jam, “My Boo”. That dance perfectly summed up the mood of the whole night.

There was plenty of love felt throughout that whole wedding day and I’m very glad that I was chosen to be a part of it! I won’t forget that as I was telling Matt and Maegan goodbye at the end of the night she said it felt like fate that we met, because everything just fell into place beautifully.

I couldn’t agree more. Wishing Maegan and Matt a long and very happy marriage!

Enjoy these beautiful pictures from The Roger’s wedding.














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