Justin+Alicia+White Sands

I couldn’t be more pumped to shoot Alicia and Justin’s wedding at White Sands, NM.  White Sands is one of the coolest places that I’ve visited since being in the Southwest and I was thrilled when the opportunity came up to shoot a wedding there.

This wedding was unique, because of a couple reasons:
1. Alicia and Justin
2. It was on June 20th (the first day of the Summer Solstice)
3. It was also the night of the full Strawberry moon

I thought it was super cool that Justin and Alicia came down from Washington state to have their wedding ceremony in White Sands. They’re a unique couple who have been together for a long time and finally decide to tie the knot. They reside in Tacoma, WA and are a fun, laid back adventurous couple.

They rented gorgeous house in Las Cruces, NM and stayed their for the long weekend with their closest friends and family. I arrived to the smell of some delicious looking food and celebratory tequila shots being thrown back. Everyone was super cool and it looked like they were having a really chill day.

Alicia’s best friends helped with her hair and makeup which turned out beautifully. Her blond hair was curled and her friend’s braided a few tiny braids throughout for a boho accent. Her makeup was very natural and true to Alicia’s non-fussy personality.

The bride’s mother, Flora, help lace up the beautiful white, lace dress the was made by the ahhh-mazing designer, Grace Loves Lace. Alicia looked like a boho princess as she danced and flipped her skirt around the room. Her mother in law, Pamela, gave her a gorgeous turquoise statement necklace to wear with her dress.

When it was time to head to the ceremony, we all hopped in the car and caravanned about an hour to White Sands. The Organ mountains were a beautiful site along the way.

The ceremony was as unique as the couple. It took place on top of a giant soft, white, sand dune under the bright blue sky. Their family and friends circled up and joined hands and their friend performed the non-religious ceremony. There was a tribal drum, family in a circle and there was supposed to be sage lit to cleanse the ceremony, but alas, it was too windy. It was a sweet ceremony. Alicia and Justin held hands in the sunset and shed a few tears throughout the ceremony.

Afterwards, friends and family shared hugs and well-wishes for Alicia and Justin. We took a few more pictures as the sun was setting over the sands. I couldn’t let them leave without grabbing a silhouette shot of the newly wed couple on top of a sand dune in the orange and blue dusk light. And it turned out to be one of my favorite shots ever!

We headed back to the house to catch the after party celebration. I had to stop along the way to take some shots of the Strawberry moon that was rising from behind the mountains. It looked larger than your typical moon and it was bright orange!

Back at the house, the newly-weds started off the celebration right by, what else? But jumping in the pool…wedding gear clad, of course!

After they dried off, it was time to toss the bouquet and garter, Justin tossed the garter in living room as the single men gathered and scrambled for the garter behind him. Alicia, took to the balcony to toss her bouquet from the second floor to her bridesmaids down below.

The guests casually dined on a delicious steak dinner. And just before I left, they group popped the champagne as parents of both the bride and the groom shared toasts to the new couple.

What are awesome and laid back wedding it was and I’m so glad Alicia and Justin chose me to be their photographer.

Here’s a couple shots from the day. Cheers!



























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